Perpetrator is already in custody

A civil patrol of the bamberger traffic police arrested a brazen thief on wednesday afternoon in the industrial area of hirschaid. In the meantime, the man is in custody at the request of the public prosecutor’s office in bamberg.
Against 15.At 30 o’clock in the morning, an audi came to the attention of the investigators because of its conspicuous driving and they stopped the car. The 31-year-old driver was already very agitated during the check-up, according to a police statement. During further checks, it quickly became clear to the officials why the tourist from georgia was so nervous. On the one hand, he was unable to produce a driver’s license, and on the other, the police found several original, high-quality perfume flacons in the car with a total value of around 1,200 euros.
The 31-year-old was unable to credibly explain the origin of the brand-name scents, which confirmed the officers’ suspicion that it was stolen goods. On the back seat of the car, the police officers also discovered a down quilted jacket worth 350 euros, which they seized together with the perfumes. The 31-year-old thief was arrested in advance. Furthermore, the investigators noticed that the driver was obviously under the influence of drugs and had also been driving his audi in this condition.
Initial investigations by officials revealed that the high-priced perfumes were stolen from drugstores in hirschaid and bamberg.
At the request of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office, a warrant was issued on thursday for the arrest of the defendant, who is now in a correctional facility. The investigation against 31-year-old man continues, according to the announcement.

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