Preventing cardiac death

Preventing cardiac death

Sudden cardiac death is the most common cause of death in germany. Defibrillators already hang in many public buildings, but often go unnoticed. In an emergency situation, the correct use of such a device can save a life. Marco bertlein, head of the company bertlein bau from the hesselberg district of hebdorf, also dealt with this issue. That's why he decided to do something for the general public instead of handing out gifts or other gifts to business partners.

From personal experience, hesselberger knows that minutes can make the difference between life and death in the event of cardiac arrest, and that rescue services and emergency doctors cannot always be on the scene in time. That's why the idea matured: hesselberg needs a defibrillator. However, the fire station is located on the road to dannberg, which is a bit too far away. "The defi must be attached centrally", marco bertlein decided to love making a stainless steel device, arranged for a power connection, and the defibrillator is now on his garden fence almost in the center of town.

Mayor horst rehder (BB) and the full-time councilor christian warter did not miss the installation. At the handover, the mayor thanked marco bertlein.

It would be worth considering having the life-saving device installed in every part of town, and he hopes that other businesses will follow the example of the hesselberg construction company. It was also agreed that the defibrillators would be advertised in the VG hebdorf newsletter.

For the device keeper of the hebdorf fire departments, the winter training sessions at the fire departments are ideally suited not only to train the handling of the device with the firefighters, but also to invite interested people from the population. The supplier thomas weib from the emergency call terminal agreed to provide a training device for this purpose.


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