Quantum leap thanks to “bobbi” at fc haarbrucken

quantum leap thanks to 'bobbi' at fc haarbrucken

Bob, the master builder, runs a building yard in bobhausen. Together with his partner wendy and talking vehicles and guesses, he does all the work that needs to be done in this small community. The cartoon series focuses on conflict resolution, teamwork, social behavior and other skills. Bob brings all the skills: he repairs, builds, hammers, paints, digs and plumbers. Bob is always there when he is needed. FC haarbrucken also has its bob, the master builder – andre bar.

No men’s soccer at FCH for ten years

While more and more clubs are complaining about a declining number of volunteers and important work that benefits the community is being carried out by fewer and fewer people, the district club on the outskirts of the bavarian doll town of neustadt bei coburg cannot complain. But that was not always the case. After a decade without men’s soccer in haarbrucken, the club built up a new team through its own youth work.

Under the leadership of former club chairman jochen langbein, it was decided that the sports center should be brought up to scratch. And since then, a lot has happened at the "grun-weiben" a lot has happened.

A special building committee has been set up

A construction committee was set up to put the plans into practice. "We started with the changing rooms at the beginning of 2017. There was a standstill here for various reasons", recalls the current chairman simon weber. But before investing in the clubhouse, the sports facilities first had to be improved. When this was completed, it was the turn of the players’ cabins: "this was literally the roughest construction site. The players used to sit on old chairs in the guest room, and the two cabins were only separated by a sliding wooden wall. Tactical instructions thus promptly landed with the opposing team", says weber, who himself guards the goal at the FCH, and smiles.

"Absolute example for all members

One person without whom the rebuild would not have been possible is andre bar. Although bar hasn’t been with the FCH that long, the skilled craftsman took over as head of the construction committee without hesitating. "Andre is an absolute role model for all our members. I can’t thank him enough for his commitment on and off the field, the chairman of the FCH. The 44-year-old bar was not only responsible for the planning and management of the extensive maintenance work, but also regularly lent a hand himself.

Club boss proud of the many helpers

The result is two dressing rooms worthy of the name. Spatially separated, visually lifted and provided with proper seating facilities. "And all of this with the help of volunteers. There would have been no other way for our FCH to do this", female simon weber.

The new cabins are a quantum leap for the FCH. By the way, it was one of the reasons for the construction manager’s new nickname: "in haarbrucken we only call others ‘bobbi’, in reference to bob, the master builder, says weber and smiles. After the guest room, the corridor and the men’s WC have also been modernized in the meantime, "bobbi" is enthroned to honor even a small plush version of the master builder above the entrance of the sports hall.

The next construction phase follows

"In a short time we will start with other sections of the clubhouse. The fact that we can count on helpers like ‘bobbi’ is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of our project, the chairman is convinced.


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