Rap beats from the garden lounger

Rap beats from the garden lounger

Actually hundreds of people should cheer for him, but currently only the birds in the home garden of rapper "cheater" are singing from vestenbergsgreuth. He was together with the famous musician "B-tight" on tour when the coronavirus spread in germany and the pandemic started to take over life in the whole country. Until the middle of may they had dates all over germany and austria. Now everything has been postponed.

Last year, "cheater" was released on tour for the first time four own songs on the album "aggroswing by "B- tight. Now the berlin rapper released his new album "bobby dick" out, on which he had a feature with "cheater" has. And that’s why the frenchman should also be on the tour.

Since the beginning of march they traveled through germany, but already two weeks later the dates were postponed. "In munster hieb it then, it may well be that the tour is over", cheater" tells, who actually is sebastian mohring.

Before the tour they had not even thought about a cancellation because of corona. In dortmund, one day after the munster concert, the organizer took security measures: personal data of the visitors were taken, fever was measured and the concert was moved to a bigger hall. "We didn’t know how to estimate it ourselves", says "cheater at a glance. But the concert could still be played. Tour cancellation postponed…

The next day, the crew had dusseldorf on the tour schedule. They set up, were about to do the sound check, but then the cancellation: "that was quite spontaneous."

But the artists didn’t want to go into the forced break without their last concert for the time being: in a professional streaming studio, they gave a concert via livestream on youtube and twitch that none of them had ever experienced before. "We were all very excited", gives "cheater to. But what’s it like to have only a few cameras looking at you instead of hundreds of eyes?? "I was very confused." No resonance from the audience, no singing along, no applause.

The personal note

The tour should do one thing in particular: fans can wish for the songs themselves. The rappers had to improvise, the viewers in the livestream could bring their favorite song in the show by commentary. Cities like stuttgart, hamburg, nurnberg were still on the plan. The dates were postponed. "One has been looking forward to it for so long", sums up "cheater. But the decision to break off was absolutely right.

Now he builds beats in his home village, plans music videos and enjoys the quiet time. "Sometimes you watch videos and it tingles", tells "cheater.

Especially since he actually released his first album together with "B-tight" as a producer wanted to record in berlin. But even that will not happen for the time being. But for him it is certain: it will go on as soon as the contact restrictions are loosened. As sure as the singing of the birds in "cheaters garten is in any case one thing: he doesn’t let himself get down so easily.


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