Rtl jungle camp: ibes 2018 is over – jenny frankhauser is new jungle queen

It's actually over: on the last day of the RTL jungle camp 2018, nothing less than the jungle crown was at stake. Daniele, jenny and tina vied for the favor of the viewers. Then it was clear: jenny frankhauser may wear the IBES crown 2018. Daniele negroni came second, tina york came third. But from the beginning:

day 16 in the RTL jungle camp: after david friedrich has also left the show, jenny, daniele and tina are left for the finale. Whatever made the viewers do it, the entertainment value of the three can hardly have been it. At least tina york has not really stood out in the past 15 episodes, except for her rather creepy sleeping habits. But maybe that's the key to success – if you stand out like matthias mangiapane and keep provoking viewers to vote him into more auditions, you'll probably get bored eventually. And so even the initial favorites have lost the favor of the TV sovereigns.

So no complaints – the viewers of the jungle show on the private channel RTL have the finale they deserve. Although the last broadcasts of the RTL show have never been known to be particularly nerve-wracking. There's no more fighting, no more grueling daily routine. Few stars who are already on the home stretch and thus already half in jerk mode.

However, this has not diminished the success of the show, the concept has made it into the twelfth season almost unchanged. And so millions of viewers are waiting in suspense to see who will end the season as jungle king or queen.

On the last day in the jungle, each of the finalists has to pass a test that determines whether the last three campers will enjoy a more or less princely meal on their last evening. As always, they get the appearance of a choice, which prufung they must bring behind themselves. But as always, the tasks are already determined in advance.

Jungle camp 2018: three examinations on the last day

For their jungle examinations the stars were allowed to choose one letter each. The choice was: "R, "T" or "L. The individual letters each signified a test. Jenny chooses the letter "R" and plays first for the dinner appetizer. Daniele decided for the letter "L" and is competing for the main course. Tina took the letter "T and plays for dessert. With the stars 1 – 3 the stars can play for an appetizer, main course or dessert. Star 4 guarantees a personal favorite drink and star 5 stands for a personal goodie each.

Jenny has to go into the "rough and tumble" box – yes, it is what it sounds like: many, many insects and other small animals. Jenny must do one thing above all else in this exam: keep still. For each star she has to hold out for 90 seconds. This is about as exciting as it sounds. The creatures, including green ants, spiders and mud crabs, are really trying hard, but they can't really get jenny into distress. She even sings. And takes five stars with them.

Daniele has to face a food challenge. But as the jungle dramaturgy usually demands, daniele is also a mature, confident participant in the finale. He swallows whatever the presenters dish up for him. Living water spider? Disappears in one gulp. A bull penis? Is routinely chewed through. And finally a hatched duck egg disappears in daniele's stomach. Five stars, the next one please.

Tina york in the snake pit

"I feel really bad right now. But i really want to know now and also make it myself today. This is very important to me! And now I hope to pass this", tina explains before her exam. But they also hold out. She has to hold out like jenny while cockroaches and snakes rain down on her. On the way out of the exam tina has to get a. Bob was trimmed, but he also earned five stars. The last test is over.

Now it's time for dinner – all campers have won an appetizer, main course, dessert and a drink. In addition, all have received a goodie. Tina wanted a round burger, jenny hairspray and daniele cigarettes.

The next morning the rough waiting begins. Agonizingly slowly the usual dramaturgy unfolds. There are actually only two decisions, but it is airtime to fill to provide space for advertising clips.


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