Schubel’s “a frankisch” tastes good to the whole world


There is a small brewery in stadtsteinach, but it can claim to brew one of the best beers in the world: schubels "A frankisch", the creation of brewmaster jurgen munch, won the bronze medal at the prestigious european beer star on wednesday. "That makes a brewer proud", he says.

A second beer from the region is awarded a bronze medal: the lager from the brewery in altenkunstadt, leikeim.

For the past ten years, the world's best beers have been honored at the brau beviale in nurnberg, the technology trade show for the brewing industry. This year, 1366 beers from 45 countries were judged by the jury at europe's most important beer competition. Two days are needed for the 102 brewmasters, beer sommeliers and specialist journalists from 25 countries to taste the world's best beers in 50 categories of european brewing style in a blind tasting session. Only sensory criteria are decisive, as every beer drinker knows them: color, smell, foam and taste.

"Bronze at first go – that was not to be expected"
Germany wins the most prizes in the competition organized by the association of private breweries: and of the 63 german medals, 41 go to breweries in bavaria, including 15 times gold, eleven times silver and 15 times bronze. Second most successful nation is again the USA with its innovative scene of craft breweries.

"Bronze at the first attempt – that was not to be expected", jurgen munch is pleased about the award. Schubel's "A french" had already been served at the fair last year "and people said that we make a great beer and that we should apply". The dark, unfiltered and well-hopped kellerbier, a new creation for the 2010 franconian day in kulmbach, is also successful on the market: "it accounts for almost half of our production", explains the brewmaster.

Leikeim sales manager roland trager is also pleased about the award for "his" company lager: "such a prize from beer connoisseurs after a blind tasting is really worth something."


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