Small private museum in geroda

Small private museum in geroda

At first the eye is overwhelmed. Everywhere, on every square inch, antiques stand, hang and pile up. You don't know where to look first. The best thing to do is to be guided by christina dietrich, who runs the small private museum with her husband karl engelhardt.

It all started 30 years ago with an enamel fish scoop. It had saved karl engelhardt from the scrap heap. The couple did a lot until the whole loffelset including ladle holder was complete. Of all the ornaments that are in their possession, this one is particularly cherished and is regularly used in the kitchen. Since then, the two have still saved many beautiful things from the garbage can.

From A for picture postcards to Z for toothbrush mugs, you can really find everything on the approximately 25 square meters of the small museum. "I could equip three to four households", christina dietrich is convinced. Many a student has found his way to her and taken things with him. Bread boxes and pots – the idea of sustainability can be traced throughout the room. The student may have thought to himself: "this is already so old, I will grow old with it too."

Steel pots, cast iron pans or enamel pots in cobalt blue – these items used to be reserved for the households of the upper social class, because they were elaborately processed and therefore expensive "but these are raw materials, and someone has taken pains to produce them. You can't just rub it off", according to dietrich.

Every exhibit has its own story, and the 59-year-old knows almost all of them. Visitors are reminded of their mother's kitchen or their grandfather's workshop. There are conversations, all that enjoyed by christina dietrich and karl engelhardt. She is glad that she was able to escape the charm of the "old stuff" at that time they loved to rub along, says dietrich.

Not many visitors look in, only when the highway traffic rolls through geroda on the detour route, the house above the thulba may catch the eye of one or two people. When dietrich is at home, she likes to open the door to her jewelry. When americans were still stationed in schweinfurt, she had regular visitors: "it was great for them." Spinning wheels, bed pans and old handbags were in great demand.

Today, the trend is towards fast-changing fashions. "No one takes the time anymore", regrets dietrich. You can also combine a modern kitchen with an old piece of furniture: "you just need a little bit of imagination".

A cuckoo clock ticks on the wall – one has the feeling that time has stood still. Quickly seeing through the countless collectibles – an impossibility.

And then there are the things that were not commonplace even back then. Six molds in one – even then, people wanted to save time – , sugar tongs with bird tubes, the first steam cooker brand sanas and household appliances in small, so that the daughter already could dust the cake work. But also a black telephone with a dial, washing powder and cigars, a window bucket for the cleaning cloth when washing the windows, old beer glasses from companies that no longer exist – you can't stop looking.

There is no inventory. Every article is in christine dietrich's head. How many antiquities are available, however, she can not say with the best will in the world. But if you need something and ask them, you're sure to find it in their huge stock. Recently, a gentleman was looking for an old sewing thread, because his war uniform had to be mended. Modern sewing thread had considerably reduced the collector's value. "Whatever you're looking for, eventually you'll find it here", says dietrich.

Dietrich and engelhardt found the house in geroda 16 years ago. Today it seems to them as if that had been determination. Since it was empty and the couple urgently needed a new place to stay, they rented it. The emergency draw quickly developed into a happy fugue, because not only the antiquities found a new place in the former barn, the collection could even be expanded.


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