Stadtsteinachers have dared something – and won a lot

Stadtsteinachers have dared something - and won a lot

It was a risk: when the city festival was revived in 2017 after many years of suspension, no one knew how things would develop. But the coup gurgled, and countless guests made the revival a success. The organizers were both happy and encouraged to continue this event. On the weekend it was time: with an extended program stadtsteinach welcomed its guests from near and far for the second time.

They gave their last shirt

Extended, because this time the action already started on saturday evening. The "SAN-combo" set the mood, which provided on the market place already from 18 o’clock for good musical mood.

Rocking continued in the evening, as "bind man’s buff" with beats and hard guitar riffs the mood increased. The "blind manner" did not perform in adams costume – as their band name suggests – but gave their last shirt for a good gig.

Frankish way of life

Franconian culture and way of life are also very popular in the franconian forest. And so it was more than natural that the people of stanich had an early morning pint on sunday. The sound of the original french traditional band of the local music society did its part to make everyone enjoy the beer and the sausage.

The afternoon offered a colorful potpourri of art, show, sport, culture, handicraft and much more. The associations presented themselves with their offers, and organizations from the rescue service gave an insight into their work.

A touch of nostalgia

There was also a lot to see for friends of historical vehicles. Oldtimers from different eras gave the festival a touch of nostalgia with their patina.

The forestry office was open for tours, in the garden of the office one could get information about blooming tree species and bio-diversity. The fire department gave an insight into its work, and the young visitors could try their hand at target spraying.

Water was also the theme of the diving club, which gave its novices a neptune baptism. A bouncy castle and the play mobile of the district made sure that the youngest were never bored. The TC had set up a tennis course and at the TSV you could try out how fast you can kick a soccer ball. Sports also on the stage, where karatekas gave insights into the art of self-defense.

Dancing and singing

Performances were given by the furzelgarde of the carnival society as well as the little ones of the kindergarten. Musical interludes were provided by the choir "SAN voices".

The social program also included a guided tour through the parish church of st. Michael as well as a walk that the frankenwaldverein took from the TSV-sportgelande to the marketplace. With the music of the "schockothaler" the successful festival came to an end.


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