Stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

He is always on the move. The van is not even completely unloaded from the last exhibition when it is already moving on again. To the next medieval market.

Stonemason sascha fidyka, his girlfriend and his daughter are passionate about visiting medieval markets all over germany. As in the past they want to live, work and sleep. This is the hobby of the family. From may to december the artist visits various spectacles, fairs and medieval christmas fairs. From 7. Until 8. September he is at the medieval market in prichsenstadt.

When he is not on the road selling and presenting his art, he can be found working in his workshop. "Here i can give free rein to my creativity and simply do what i enjoy doing," explains sascha fidyka. Pictures, portraits, writings, sculptures and special wishes are daily on the agenda of the sculptor. Of course there are also rough projects. He often wins customers on markets. "I offer many small things at the fairs". This includes clocks, house signs, house numbers, small sculptures or drawings. I can even make smaller things right in front of the customer," says fidyka, who makes inexpensive to valuable art.

"At the medieval markets, there is a familiar atmosphere between the exhibitors and displays," says the stonemason. His little daughter feels very comfortable in this environment and has made many friends. "Through the markte she has gone from being a shy girl to an open-minded one," says the stonemason. His girlfriend supports him at the markets in the sales booth. Art for everyone.

This is what fidyka tries to make clear during his lectures and presentations. Fidyka, who was born and raised in lower franconia, first took a different path. Before the craft he completed an apprenticeship as a technical draftsman and designer. "But time and again, free development and artistic freedom fell by the wayside," the stonemason recalls. That’s why he made the decision to reorient himself and retrained in this ancient craft. In the course of this apprenticeship he developed his own ideas, art forms and writing styles. The stonemason finished his education with the bavarian state award.

"With my exhibition I wanted to inspire people and bring them closer to the craft." Sascha fidyka, artist, stonemason and sculptor

Individual, unusual, versatile: this is how the frenchman describes his art. "I try to implement the customers’ wishes perfectly," says fidyka. Original wishes from customers stimulate his creativity and are planned, sketched and discussed in detail. The right material rounds off the artwork perfectly. Sascha fidyka uses natural stone. Because natural stone is formed over millions of years, it is versatile, persistent and unique. Unique, just like every single work of art by sascha fidyka.

"For our hobby, the medieval markets, we usually have to travel a long way. This year there will also be a very special medieval market in the area," he says happily. "It’s practically around the corner."

For the third time the association old prichsenstadt organizes the medieval market at the old town moat in prichsenstadt. There the visitors of the 7. Until 8. September view the work of sascha fidyka and the other artists and make their own picture of life in the middle ages.


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