The battle over wind farms continues

In the forest behind kleinmunster they are to stand: the wind turbines planned by the makers of the district energy turnaround for the reserved area WK 88.

Riedbach's mayor, birgit bayer, gets a queasy feeling in her stomach when she rides her bike through the idyllic woodland and imagines that trees are to be cleared here and replaced by wind turbines. She gets this feeling when she is out and about in her community and has to deal with the idea that there are to be more wind turbines here than anywhere else in the county. Because that is the problem: "you can't really imagine what it will look like", she says. Her gaze wanders, she holds a map in her hand, on which various flat areas are shaded in red – there, larger or smaller wind farms are to be built later on. Bayer is not concerned with preventing wind power projects in general. The energy turnaround is a political decision that must also be supported by the municipalities. "But", she emphasizes "in a reasonable manner."

"The relation is not right"

In their opinion, this mab has been exceeded in riedbach. A look at the map makes it clear what she means: 551 hectares for WK 88, 70 hectares for WK 87, both of which are roughly located in riedbach, the community with 470 hectares would be the main location for wind turbines in the district of habberge. In addition, there are the WK 89 and 80 adjacent to the municipal area with a total of 120 hectares.

In the entire district, almost 1300 hectares are designated in the regional plan for the construction of wind turbines, the possible sites are all concentrated in the western part. Whether from holzhausen, kleinmunster, kleinsteinach, humprechtshausen or in the direction of rugheim: if the wind turbines were already there, they could be seen from almost any point in riedbach. "The relation is not right", bayer finds. This is also what the municipal council wanted to make clear with its complete rejection of the reserved areas in riedbach.

Responsible tempo

Someone who fundamentally questions the energy turnaround is reinhold scheuring. He is one of the main protagonists of the kleinmunster citizens' initiative (BI) "against WK 88" and does not believe that a switch to renewable energies is possible without further ado. "Not at this pace", he says. "The idea is immature, everyone is muddling along." Willy marquardt from kleinmunster also doesn't understand how the government can want something that can't be achieved in this way: "if the decision has been made to phase out nuclear power, then that's the way it is". But it must be done gradually and at a responsible pace."

Reinhold scheuring is particularly concerned about the irregular availability of renewable energies: the base load, he explains, cannot be covered at all. "Nuclear power plants run around the clock: they cannot be replaced by wind turbines." Scheuring is, by the way, head of the nuclear power plant in grafenrheinfeld. But that's not the reason why he's up in arms against wind power: "it's simply a matter of the future of my home region."

No ear found

It is not only scheuring, who grew up in kleinmunster, who sees the project in danger. In the small village, there is increasing resistance to WK 88; according to scheuring, 75 percent of those eligible to vote in kleinmunster took part in a signature campaign. Recently, the town council also backed the citizens' initiative and now completely rejects wind power in riedbach. The BI argues with nature and landscape destruction, relies on opinions of the lower nature conservation authority, among others, which support their arguments. She reports on studies about health hazards caused by infrasound. And, in their opinion, is not being listened to.

That the WK 88 is still stopped, seems to be hopeless in view of the current update of the regional plan, which currently creates the legal conditions for the rough project with at least ten wind turbines. Although there is a vague hope that for example the protected black stork will settle there. But since it has not done so for years, even though it had been given all the conditions to do so (biotopes, artificial breeding grounds), it remains vague. Unbelievable for the BI: "the black stork could prevent all this with a single egg. But people and their health do not pay, says claudia scheuring, reinhold scheuring's wife.

The woodland where the wind turbines are to be located belongs in large part to the university of wurzburg. Burying the county's wind energy project. Hans stark, head of the university forestry office in sailershausen: the university will not do anything that means a gross impairment of nature.

There have already been inquiries from major investors who have been attracted by the plans for WK 88. But: "if, then it is made with the GUT", says strongly. GUT is the company for the implementation of renewable technology projects and is intended to drive forward the energy turnaround in the county. "We have had green electricity for years", says stark about the energy philosophy of his house. "And if you want to hear my personal opinion: I prefer a wind turbine to a nuclear power plant."


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