This is the coach of the district league

This is the coach of the district league

After andreas engel had taken over the neufang eleven as coach for the first time last season, he promptly managed an excellent sixth place in the table with the promoted team, missing only one number to fourth place. Now many believed that this good series will continue in the new season. But right from the start, neufang suffered a 6-0 defeat at DJK lichtenfels. This was followed by a 3:3 against FC lichtenfels and a 2:2 in johannisthal.

"With these only two points we were naturally in the bottom of the table. But since we last saturday with the 1-0 home win against FC burgkunstadt the first three, we have given us some air."

So it is not surprising that engel speaks of an immensely important victory that should give impetus to further tasks. He attributed this home success primarily to the defense, which stabilized and for the first time did not allow a goal against.

"But we failed to make everything clear before the end of the game. However, since we failed to score a goal, we had to tremble after the narrow lead." The 54-year-old attributes the fact that DJK got off to a bad start to the fact that there were a lot of injured players and players on vacation at the beginning of the season. "At times, up to eight regular players were missing." The exercise director is therefore grateful to a slightly older trio of manuel gebhardt, bernd fischer and michael kolb who help out in such emergency situations. The personnel situation has eased somewhat in the meantime. As of now, lukas engelhardt, tobias fortschbeck and manuel muller are available again. Andreas engel names mid-table finish as goal.

"We were already very satisfied with such a placement, because it is well known that the second season in a new league is also the most difficult one. This double day can already show where the road ahead leads to." Last year’s league newcomers must travel to SV wolfers-/neuengrun tomorrow, friday, and on sunday at 5 p.M. They will host SC jura arnstein, who currently have four points, one less than the neufang team.


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