Tibetans receive heavy sentences for aiding self-immolation

tibetans receive heavy sentences for aiding self-immolation

A 40-year-old monk received a death sentence, according to the official xinhua news agency, but it is expected to be commuted to up to 25 years in prison. His 31-year-old nephew is to spend ten years behind bars. The two had "incited and encouraged eight people to burn themselves to death" in sichuan province. Three people had died.

Since 2009, 99 tibetans have rounded up to protest china’s rule over their people, according to information from exiled tibetans. They demand greater religious, political and cultural freedom. Chinese authorities respond to protests by tightening security, deploying additional security forces and arresting suspected instigators.

Lobsang sangay, the prime minister elected by tibetans in exile, reiterated that neither the dalai lama nor the government in exile are calling for these self-immolations. However, tibetans in tibet had no other way to express their protest, sangay said at a solidarity campaign in new delhi.

In the indian capital, the government in exile and several support organizations are currently drawing attention to the situation of the tibetans in tibet and asking for international aid. Since the dalai lama and his entourage fled from the highlands to the neighboring country in 1959, the majority of the 130,000 tibetans in exile have been living in india.

According to information from the government-in-exile, more than 5,000 people gathered for the opening of the four-day campaign, most of them tibetans from the diaspora. Sangay said at talkatora stadium that the freedom of tibet and the return of the dalai lama is the hope of all tibetans in tibet and the dream of all tibetans outside tibet.


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