Together on the way to the top

Together on the way to the top

Appreciation, planning security, down-to-earthness: three keywords that carry weight in the partnership between LSC hochstadt and kreissparkasse hochstadt that has existed since 2009.

Appreciation, because the sparkasse superiors are impressed by what is done at the LSC: "to run this sport at such a level at a small location, it takes a lot", says board member reinhard lugschi, who has been on board from the beginning, when the sponsoring contract was extended.

Planning security, because the sparkasse has kept its word and will continue its commitment even after the merger with erlangen and herzogenaurach. Even more: the money house made nails with heads, assured its support until 2020 and will support in the future not only the top team of the LSC, but also the annual athletics meeting in hochstadt. "Top-class sport is the lighthouse that often has a decisive effect on popular sport. We are pleased to be able to challenge a club from the district with such strong athletes", explains lugschi, who was present live in nurnberg in 2015 when LSC runner martin grau became german champion over the 3000 meter hurdle.

Groundedness, because in the face of such successes neither the club nor the sponsors take off, but try to make the best possible use of the existing conditions. From the point of view of the LSC, this means that this year – when the DM is again held in nurnberg – a whole series of athletes will be sent into the race. "Obstacle runners are often individual fighters, we have a strong cell with five athletes in this area, are probably the largest obstacle team in germany and also broadly positioned for the relays", says trainer markus monius proudly.

Friends who spur each other on

Because, despite professional commitments, established LSC members such as marco kurzdorfer still want to know what it's all about, and because fresh blood has been added over the past two years in the form of alexander bier (eckental), niklas buchholz (hemhofen), brian weisheit (augsburg), and the twins bernhard and martin weinlander (LAC quelle furth), the hochstadt top team consists of 15 athletes who push each other along and are also all friends.

A diverse team of middle distance runners and obstacle course runners who, in addition to the specified training with fixed structures, appreciate above all the family atmosphere and friendly interaction that the LSC hochstadt has preserved despite the competition. And of course monius' expertise.

Martin grau doesn't want to do without them either, although after injuries and jolts he now lives and trains at the olympic base in erfurt in consultation with the trainer of the national squad and his LSC coach, who is now more in demand as a mentor. "The change of scenery was the right decision, although I always had the condition that I would continue to play for my home club" says grau, who is physically and mentally well on the way to reaching the level of 2015 and is eager to attack: "i want to become german champion again in nurnberg and attack the european championship standard of 8:34 minutes. Let's see what works."

The succession is settled

Success is to be wished to the biengartner, who returned from the training camp in south africa only in the morning of the sponsor meeting. Especially since the european championship in berlin in august offered the 26-year-old the next rough stage to demonstrate his regained strength.

Potential challengers exist in the company's own ranks. Especially niklas buchholz from hemhofen, who is the german U20 obstacle champion and only missed the standard for the european championships in this age group by six tenths of a second. "Unfortunately, he was not re-nominated, even though he was listed in the top ten. But we will surely make up for that. Maybe at the U23 european championships 2019", say monius. The trainer hopes that the sparkasse will continue its financial support of LSC hochstadt beyond 2020 in view of these prospects.


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