Triumphs on all levels

To win three major titles in the course of a season is something that only very rough teams have ever set as their goal. And they have often failed in this endeavor. Until a few months ago, SV sickershausen was not one of the clubs that consistently recorded victories. Little was therefore the self-confidence to be able to end the unsuccessfulness in this season. "The whole league declared us the favorites beforehand," says sickershausen’s coach thomas beer, looking back on the past round: "i didn’t like that."But the role of title contender did the sickershausers no harm at all. They triumphed at all levels, becoming champions in the A-class league, winners of the kitzingen indoor competition, and winners of the city cup. More than the triple was not possible.

After the last game, the team enjoyed two weeks of championship success, which culminated in promotion to the district league. The last time the club went there was eight years ago. The sickershausers met for breakfast, barbecue evenings and birthday parties. Some of them preferred to spend the night on a mattress in the sports hall instead of in their own bed. "We’ve had a lot going on lately," says thomas beer: "the team spirit is phenomenal." Cohesion was one of the factors that sickershausen benefited from; consistency at all positions another crucial fact. Sickershausen ended up winning nine times in a row, conquered the top of the table on the penultimate matchday and did not give it up again. The chasers effeldorf, sulzfeld and dettelbach showed weak in the meantime again and again.

Beer, who had returned to his hometown club last summer after many years, had reorganized his team at the beginning: the ball was supposed to roll faster; the players were instructed to dare less individual actions and to find a balance between long and short balls. Many things worked faster than beer expected. In the first round, the attractiveness of the performance increased. With increasing pressure to succeed after the winter break, the lightness of being was lost. At the start of the workshop, the participants lost to sulzfeld and mainbernheim. "After that," says beer, "it seemed like the season was over for many players."But the opposite happened: afterwards at least the results were right again. Two youngsters made a significant contribution: homegrown felix rahmann and timo held, 19 and 20 years old, livened up the attacking midfield with brisk tackles and fine ball handling.

But their performances attracted the attention of other clubs: rahmann is moving to TSV sulzfeld in the new season, held to SSV kitzingen. "We tried to get them to stay," explains beer: "but they both want to gain high-class experience already." Sickershausen’s loss of quality therefore weighs heavily. "In the district league we will play against relegation," the coach believes. The team will have to improve in two disciplines: its speed of action will have to increase, and its tackling methodology will have to become more robust. New arrivals include philipp dappert (SG buchbrunn/mainstockheim), michael wirth (TSV hohenfeld) and three players from the club’s own junior section. At almost 41, thomas beer is by far the oldest member of the squad. If necessary, he had been in the field until the very end. Sixteen missions were on the books for him at the end, four from the beginning. "When i’m in the game myself, i definitely feel my age," says the sickershauser, who has since settled in wiesenbronn: "but on the sidelines, mistakes that happen on the pitch are hard to take."He will therefore probably not be able to make a complete exit from the pitch in the coming season.

After three seasons in the service of SV wiesenbronn, beer had needed a new challenge last year. The fact that the club where he once started was looking for a coach had its appeal. "At some point," recalls beer, "I wanted to coach my hometown club." But the entry had two sides: beer did not have to settle in, but it was a good start. He knew the players, the board of directors, the athletic director. But at the same time the expectation grew. "I put the most pressure on myself," says beer. The club’s lack of success was not to continue.


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