Sander prepares four months for carnival procession

For decades, the people of sander have offered something for the eye during their rude carnival procession. So that more than 15.000 spectators are amazed by the ingenuity of the carnival groups, about 1500 people get to work months before carnival sunday.

50 carnival groups, 60 firefighters and 40 security guards participate in the procession. At the head of the whole carnival team is the sander carnival committee, which organizes the celebration with the train for carnival sunday.

Tibetans receive heavy sentences for aiding self-immolation

tibetans receive heavy sentences for aiding self-immolation

A 40-year-old monk received a death sentence, according to the official xinhua news agency, but it is expected to be commuted to up to 25 years in prison. His 31-year-old nephew is to spend ten years behind bars. The two had "incited and encouraged eight people to burn themselves to death" in sichuan province. Three people had died.

Since 2009, 99 tibetans have rounded up to protest china’s rule over their people, according to information from exiled tibetans. They demand greater religious, political and cultural freedom. Chinese authorities respond to protests by tightening security, deploying additional security forces and arresting suspected instigators.

District administrator: don’t talk down the frankenwald clinic

District administrator: don't talk down the frankenwald clinic

Although it was actually only a topic of discussion under the heading of information. However, it was discussed for almost 45 minutes – the planned takeover of the frankenwald clinic by fresenius helios.

"Rhon is a joint stock company. The owner of the clinic is the one who has the shares. Who buys them from whom and who sells them – the clinic has no influence on that", explained landrat oswald marr (SPD) at the beginning and added: "that is exactly what has happened now." However, all contracts remained unaffected by it. Nevertheless, he had wanted to talk to helios, but had not yet been able to do so. "But up to now, not even the federal cartel office has given its approval. We just have to wait and see", he went on to say that he "does not think it is a good idea for everyone to paint the devil on the wall".

Forchheimers revolt against university fees

Forchheimers revolt against university fees

So you can exchange. Before the start of the referendum against tuition fees, the head of the residents' registration office, dieter walda, had expected a slow start, but just a few hours after the registration counters opened, he had to admit: "more signatures were received than we expected for the first day."

Up to 14.30 o'clock yesterday, 157 citizens of forchheim had already expressed their "no to tuition fees in bavaria" submitted. "The first one was there at 8 o'clock sharp when we opened", reports silke decker, who collects the filled-out lists and deposits them in the armored cabinet of the city administration.

Parking garage for 772 vehicles

Parking garage for 772 vehicles

Anette schreiber it was a long and rocky road for the ertl family of entrepreneurs until they were able to implement the plans for their new projects. Last november, the new retail center opposite the ertl center opened, first with the well-known french sporting goods company decathlon, followed in june of this year by the drugstore dm and now, right next to the ertl center, the four-story parking garage has been put into operation.

With this, gaby schrodel informs on behalf of her three siblings from the gbr management, the time of the provisional parking area on the nursing grounds has come to an end. Of course, people were grateful that, thanks to pfleger, they were able to offer ertl customers around 500 free parking spaces during the time that work was being done on the construction of the parking garage. The temporary structure will still be in use for a few more days, then the reconstruction will take place and everything will be restored to its original condition.

Middle school mainleus: quartet of “a “s in a super class

Full of joy over their excellent qualifying scores, the quartet of one stretched their arms high into the air as if to say to the spectators: "look, we are the champions!!" This year’s master students at the mainleus middle school heiben kseniya gerasimenko and tizian grasi (both 1.7) as well as evelina savchenko and maximilian ackermann (both 1.8).

Principal doris horath was proud of the 18 graduates from grade 9: "four times an A before the comma – that’s a super year, she said. Of the 16 students who took the qualifying secondary school exam, 13 passed. "That’s an outstanding 81 percent", class leader katja faust was pleased. She had taught the boys and girls from the fifth grade on.

Corona crisis: coburg riding hall and honor castle closed

Corona crisis: coburg riding hall and honor castle closed

The precautionary measures ordered by the authorities are increasingly restricting public life and leading to more and more cancellations – also in the cultural sector.

In the meantime, the landestheater coburg has discontinued all of its events. After already on wednesday the rough house up to inclusive 19. After the closing of the theater on april, all events at the theater in the reithalle were cancelled late on friday, also until the 19th. April.

Federal social court: hartz iv is constitutional

Federal Social Court: hartz iv is constitutional

"The level of the standard requirement for single persons has not been set too low by the legislature in an unconstitutional manner," said senate chairman peter udsching. The plaintiff’s arguments were just as unconvincing as a decision by the berlin social court, which considers the standard rates to be too low and therefore unconstitutional. (az: B 14 AS 153/11 R and B 14 AS 189/11 R).

The new hartz IV rates were effective as of 1 january 2009. Came into force on january 2011 and were slightly increased at the beginning of 2012. They are currently 374 euros for singles and 337 euros each for couple households. The federal constitutional court had overturned the previously valid calculation, which resulted in somewhat lower rates, as arbitrary and demanded new bases.

Rtl jungle camp: ibes 2018 is over – jenny frankhauser is new jungle queen

It's actually over: on the last day of the RTL jungle camp 2018, nothing less than the jungle crown was at stake. Daniele, jenny and tina vied for the favor of the viewers. Then it was clear: jenny frankhauser may wear the IBES crown 2018. Daniele negroni came second, tina york came third. But from the beginning:

day 16 in the RTL jungle camp: after david friedrich has also left the show, jenny, daniele and tina are left for the finale. Whatever made the viewers do it, the entertainment value of the three can hardly have been it. At least tina york has not really stood out in the past 15 episodes, except for her rather creepy sleeping habits. But maybe that's the key to success – if you stand out like matthias mangiapane and keep provoking viewers to vote him into more auditions, you'll probably get bored eventually. And so even the initial favorites have lost the favor of the TV sovereigns.

From now on, everyone knows where he goes

From now on, everyone knows where he goes

One thing is certain: in the next few days, it will not be the citizens who will be asking questions, but rather the employees in the town hall. Finally, there is a new order system that makes it much easier to find the contact person you need at the moment. Whether it's a matter of funds, a financial question or a vacation passport – the color concept quickly takes you to the right place.

Opaque system