Visions of bamberg 2050 developed

visions of bamberg 2050 developed

Life in 2050 will initially consist of yellow, red and green slips of paper – and lots of discussion. Workshop leader catharina stamm tries to answer the question "how do we work??" With the help of post-its, the participants narrowed down their ideas, discussed them and partly rejected them. "We also need sensible data lines", believes jurgen schabel. Opposite him sits heiko aland, who thinks: "we need a traffic concept." The two sit together with stamm and the others from the group, the board on which the notes with the participants' thoughts are stuck is behind them. Aland has his face propped up on his elbow. The thinking pose, an expression of how intensively the participants dare to approach the vision of the future.

How do we work, how do we live, how do we learn and communicate, how do we move?? Complex questions addressed by the participants in the "bamberg 2050" think tank on saturday at the publishing house of the mediengruppe oberfranken (MGO) at the invitation of the volkshochschule bamberg-stadt (VHS) and frankischer tag.

Ideas for the city council

Just like in catharina stamm's group, the heads of the other 40 or so registered participants quickly began to smoke during the special questions that were ultimately intended to get everyone to imagine what life would be like in the year 2050, and what challenges they saw that the city of bamberg would have to face. Because at the end of all the discussions, they are supposed to work out results that will not disappear somewhere in a drawer, but will be brought to the city council for further discussion. At least this is what second mayor christian lange (CSU) promised the participants. Lange was already enthusiastic about the idea and the timing of the event at the beginning of the event.

Lange takes up the words of moderator martin wilbers, who brought the difficult task of looking into the distant future closer to the participants. "I don't think 2050 is that far away", replies the mayor. The VHS , the "thinktank she says that being a member of an administration is just the right thing for her. Manfred riederle from the bavarian city council in munich gives impulses for the discussion about the future: "set yourself goals and arouse enthusiasm for them." (click here for the article about the lecture)

All speak with

The enthusiasm is quickly noticeable: "the people are insanely committed", finds thomas riegg, who attended from the volkshochschule. What impresses him most is that "different people are coming together here and talking to each other." Pensioners, entrepreneurs, students, but also professionals such as peter scheuenstuhl from the municipal utility company are involved and want to develop a new technology park under the guidance of experts such as city boss veit bergmann, start-up entrepreneur peter wilfahrt,
education office director matthias pfeufer and mobility expert josef lehner (carsharing meiaudo) contribute their ideas and points of view.

Opnv as a backbone

Scheuenstuhl, as head of the opnv in bamberg, naturally participates in the workshop on mobilitat led by FT local head michael memmel. One overriding goal becomes clear: the issue of transportation is also about increasing the quality of life. Clearly, things will change here: bicycle traffic will continue to increase, and public transportation will be seen as the backbone. Less individual traffic can free up more space for life in the city, ideas that have already been formulated in the bicycle decision in bamberg.

At the end, the individual workshop discussants present their results to the entire course. In the background stop on stellwanden "graphic recorder ulrike mahr captures the presented results in keywords and pictures. MGO managing director walter schweinsberg symbolically handed over the display boards to mayor lange at the end. VHS director anna scherbaum is enthusiastic and already knows where these walls could be exhibited: in the town hall or in the volkshochschule. And, she wants to go through the think tank again with schoolchildren to also find out their view of the future.


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