Vocal cord for the ear, lobe for the stomach

vocal cord for the ear, lobe for the stomach

Once again, the fans flocked to the kommunbrau hall. Because the combination of a typical french lunch buffet with handmade dumplings and relaxed music, performed with wit, is simply unbeatable. Volker konrad, who is responsible for the arrangements of the vocal band, has made a lot of effort again.

The sound is right
With "take the long way home and "red lips should be kissed", the vocal band had new hits in its repertoire. "We just rehearsed that yesterday", revealed tommy zapf.

The stimband members live in munich and mannheim, erlangen, hollfeld, stadtsteinach and kulmbvach, and so the coordination of regular rehearsals for the a capella ensemble is not easy. Nevertheless the sound is right. With "fly me to the moon and lena's "satellite they opened the program. For more romantic souls the eleven sang "the rose". And in the german block there was not a dry eye in the house. Because the texts and little jibes at "manner one likes just" or "women are different are popular with the audience. The sangers were therefore not allowed to leave the stage without.


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