Where is the sense?

To the report "mainleus hires speed camera service" (BR from 9. September) is written to us : first a-ha: nine oaks are classified by the municipal gardener as trees not worth preserving – isn't every tree worth protecting and preserving, especially these days? And didn't all parties emphasize during the election campaign how important climate and environmental protection was to them??

I can't believe the decision to cut down trees when the nests of oak processionary moths can easily be collected manually. There is even a specialist company in mainleus that will take over the job. If at the same time for 30 or 100 euro per hour traffic monitoring is bought, should nevertheless also a few 100 euro per year for tree rescue be present. Furthermore, i agree with mrs. Lauterbach's argument that cyclists can easily make a turn if a sign points out the caterpillars.

And mr. Haun, district expert advisor for landscape conservation in the district office, was quoted in the BR just the other day that it doesn't matter at all if bicyclists pass under trees with the processionary spiders.

Second A-ha: there will be LTE (4G) and 5G mobile rollout; asked for data and facts – according to council: where?, how high?, how far from the next house?.

I find more important the questions: which providers share the mast?, at what transmission power will it pollute the environment with high-frequency electrosmog?, who do citizens turn to if they want to have their health monitored or if they suffer from radio radiation??, with what radio power will the communities of schwarzach, wernstein, veitlahm, located on the other side of the valley, be affected by the permanent radiation??

Trees are felled, because maybe one gets quaddles – radio masts are built, although mobile radio radiation is cancer-causing. Last question: where is the sense?

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